Apple Expands Its Services to Dozens of Additional Markets


According to TechCrunch, on April 21st Apple announced the launch of its App Store, Apple Podcasts, iCloud and Apple Music services to dozens of additional markets in Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

According to the tech giant, the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Podcasts, and iCloud will now be available in 20 additional nations, while its music streaming service, Apple Music, launches in 52 new countries.

Apple introduced the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and iCloud in the following countries:

  • Africa: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Libya, Morocco, Rwanda and Zambia.
  • Asia-Pacific: Maldives and Myanmar.
  • Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • Middle East: Afghanistan (excluding Apple Music) and Iraq.
  • Oceania: Nauru (excluding Apple Music), Tonga and Vanuatu.




Apple is hoping to increase their sales in the above mentioned countries thanks to this expansion. Their users in these regions have been complaining that they didn’t have access to a wider service ecosystem through recent years.

This can also be good news for businesses that are planning to launch new iOS applications for an international audience.  They will have the opportunity to benefit from the increased reach and exposure resulting from this expansion.

This is the largest expansion performed by a large IT company until now. It is definitely a good time to develop for iOS platforms, as the App Store is now available in 175 countries, boasting half a billion weekly users as per the press release.