Referral Program

Positive word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients help us grow continuously. We are grateful to everyone who helps us on our journey, which is why we’ve decided to reward them through our new Referral Program. Whether you are a consultant, sales professional, development company, marketing agency, design studio or a friend of someone who needs software engineering support, you have the opportunity to join the program.

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What our cooperation would look like

Secure Partnerships

We sign an NDA to protect your sensitive data and an Agent Agreement that regulates the specifics of our cooperation under the Referral Program (such as terms of agreement and commissions).

Your Network, Our Services

You connect us to your contact/client in need of our services (enterprise software or custom application development, team augmentation, IT consulting).

We Handle Outreach

We reach out to your contact to get to know their needs and offer them a solution. The communication and negotiation process requires no extra effort from your side. We’ll take care of everything.

Referral Rewards

When we win a project from your recommendation, we compensate your efforts according to the conditions of our Referral Program.

What are we working on?

Since our founding in 2014, we have worked on a wide variety of projects, with clients from different industries. This includes startups and enterprises from the areas of Information Technology, SaaS, E-Commerce, Health Care, Biotechnology, EdTech, Marketing, Finance & Banking, Real Estate and others.

We are not strictly oriented towards just a few industries. Our team has a problem-oriented mindset, and is always ready to face new challenges.

How we work


We start by listening to the client to hear them out, understand their plans, goals and project needs. This happens during our initial consultation sessions, but also continues throughout the project. We like to remain in close communication with our partners to make sure we are always on the same page.


Once we have assessed the client’s needs, we prepare a project plan with details such as infrastructure setup, team composition, time requirements and task scheduling. If the client approves this plan, we can start development.


We work following Adaptive Agile methodology. This means that we constantly optimize the development process to our clients’ specific needs. Tasks are generally divided into 2-week development periods (sprints), but they can be shorter if requested. Similarly, other aspects such as team size,


It is up to the client whether or not they want to evolve their solution further, or simply end the cooperation after release. The customer can also freeze the project any time, and pick it up later. We are happy to stay at their disposal to implement smaller updates and carry out maintenance tasks.

Why choose RabIT

Adaptive Staffing

Team setup stays flexible – teams can always be scaled up or down to fit changing organizational needs

Value-Added Services

Project success and quality are our absolute priorities – clients get free QA and project management if they work with us

Flexible Commitment

We don’t require long-term commitment – clients can freeze their project or stop the cooperation any time

No Upfront Fees

Clients only pay for completed development hours – no upfront fees

Ownership Assured

All produced source code is the client’s property from start to finish, complete with API documentation

Honest Opinions

We aren’t afraid to say no – clients always receive our honest professional opinions about what is best for their projects

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+36 70 620 1660 - Hungary

+1 424 253 0788 - California

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California, 90401 Santa Monica, Santa Monica Blvd Suite 222

Hungary, 6724 Szeged, Cserzy Mihály street 30/B

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