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Auchan from Budapest, Hungary

Technologies used

C# .NET CNet
.NET core .NET core
CSS Bootstrap CSS Bootstrap
jQuery jQuery
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure


Web Application Development


2019 - ongoing


They contacted us to develop their career portal, where applicants can easily browse available jobs and initiate their first contact with the company through a user-friendly interface. The platform needed to be integrated with the company’s internal back office interface, allowing the HR team to organize applications and maintain automated communication with candidates, thereby expediting the entire recruitment process and saving a significant amount of time.

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E-commerce loyality platform MVP development that included plugin development for multiple existing e-commerce platforms as well as implementation of data transmission.

Web Application Development • United Kingdom • Online retail

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Xerolag is a blog and social media content planning application that uses artificial intelligence to create targeted, relevant and optimized content for your target audience.

Mobile Application DevelopmentWeb Application Development • United States • Technology

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Our client is the Hungarian subsidiary of one of the largest road construction companies in Europe. The first objective was to conduct an analysis of the base application and rewrite it in a modern environment while also incorporating new functionalities.

IT Staff AugmentationWeb Application Development • Hungary • Construction

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Our client is a membrane filter wholesale business from San Diego, California who needed a webshop solution. The client had already started developing their first MVP version with a local provider, but well into the project they made the decision to search for a new development team.

Web Application Development • United States • Wholesale trade

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AquaQuite - Webshop Solution


An agricultural E-commerce website with integrated stock management, invoicing and delivery management.

Web Application Development • Hungary • Wholesale trade

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